IT Staff Augmentation

Proven Expertise and Client-Centric Solutions

You can trust Harjai Computers Pvt. Ltd. to deliver exceptional IT staff augmentation services. With almost 3 decades of experience servicing Fortune 500 customers, we have established ourselves as trailblazers in the industry.
We take pride in bridging the IT talent demand-supply gap through our innovative client-centric focus. Most of our clients rank us among their Top 3 suppliers by performance and service quality.

Integrating Your IT Professionals and Ours

You can augment your technology teams with our skilled IT professionals. This could be anything from 10 engineers joining 10 different teams, to a single developer with niche expertise.
With Harjai Computers, you gain the flexibility to ramp up your team at a short notice and meet your organizational and business objectives, without compromising on quality.

Reduce Overheads

Staff augmentation removes the overhead associated with sourcing, recruiting, training and retaining talent. In addition, it can help you meet short and long term technology goals with added flexibility and instant access to a high-quality talent pool

Let us help you build a dynamic and talented IT workforce that propels your business to new heights of success.