Interview As A Service (IAAS)

Interview As A Service (IAAS)

Efficiently Outsource Your L1 Interviews

When you entrust us with your L1 interviews, you are also entrusting us with the responsibility of managing your valuable time. We recognize that conducting 15 L1 interviews to find just one qualified candidate can consume around 7.5 hours of your already precious time.

Your managers are forced to divert their attention away from their core work to conduct these interviews, striving to meet the growing demands of your organization. In certain instances, you may find yourself facing a project that requires a specific skill set, leaving you unsure about how to efficiently interview potential candidates.

Effortless Hiring Solutions

At Harjai, we comprehend the challenges you face. With our extensive experience in IT services and IT recruitment since 1995, we understand your unique requirements, the intricacies of the domain, the necessary skills, and the nuances of each role.

Our approach involves conducting thorough candidate interviews and providing you with a link to the video recording. This way, your managers can conveniently watch the entire interview from the comfort of their homes, while traveling, or anywhere and anytime that suits them..

Streamline Your Hiring Journey

By outsourcing the interview process to Harjai Computers, you can streamline your hiring journey. We take care of various tasks, including interview scheduling, efficient execution, feedback collection, and overall coordination. This allows your internal team to focus on critical aspects of your business, while we ensure a seamless and comprehensive candidate assessment.

We understand that your hiring needs may fluctuate, which is why we offer flexible scalability options. Whether you require a few interviews or are embarking on a large-scale recruitment drive, our resources and expertise can readily adapt to your specific requirements. Our service is tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your organization, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process..

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