Why Harjai?

Why Harjai?

Harjai does not just make careers, it makes lives. At Harjai, we have always been future ready, two steps ahead, to ensure each life we touch, blossoms.

Harjai is tuned to your growth, your emphasis on learning. We understand your requirement; we understand technology. We are completely focused on IT.

Trusted Recruitment Firm

We are India's most trusted recruitment firm for finance domain, automobile domain , e-learning and pharmaceutical and healthcare domain hiring with over 200 satisfied clients.

We are the market leaders in IT staffing as we don't just focus on the client, but have a separate team focusing on candidates, resulting in a very low attrition rate.

We pay salary on time and have 100% statutory compliances.

Multiple Clients, Multiple Projects

We have multiple clients, multiple projects giving rich a 360 degree to our employees .

The candidates are upskilled and trained on soft skills when they are in between projects.

When we join hands with you, your dreams are our dreams; your problems are our problem.